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Are you using Lenovo Product? Want to know about their history, their customer service, their product’s warranty and company’s market value? Here is information related to Lenovo Technologies.\r\n\r\nLenovo Group Ltd. is also popular with the name of Lenovo PC International. Lenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company whose headquarters were situated in Beijing, China. Lenovo designs, develop, manufactures and sells personal computers, tablets, smartphones, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices and some other IT Products also.\r\n\r\nLiu Chuanzhi was the founder of Lenovo, who founded it on 1st November 1984.Initially, he has only 10 engineers and budget of only 200,000 yuan. The best part for them is they got Chinese government’s permission on that same day itself.\r\n\r\nThere are some more founders also who works with Liu and one of them is Jiǎ Xùfú who indicated the first meeting which was held on 17 October 1984 in preparation for starting the Company. Each of the founders was a middle-aged member of the Institute of Computing Technology and was attached to Chinese Academy of Sciences. The name of the Company which was decided at this meeting is Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Technology Research Institute New Technology Development Company.\r\n\r\nBut as it says that it is not necessary you will succeed with your first step, they are also unsuccessful initially as their first significant effort, an attempt to import television was failed.\r\n\r\nThen with all the courage and enthusiasm, the group rebuilt itself within a year by conducting quality checks on computers for new buyers. Lenovo soon started developing a circuit board that would allow IBM-compatible personal computers to process Chinese characters. And this product comes up as Lenovo’s first major successful Project.\r\n\r\nLenovo also tries to be successful in the market of digital watches but they failed. The fact that Lenovo’s staff had little business experience leads to Lenovo’s early difficulties. And on that Liu also said that “We were mainly scientists and didn’t understand the market. And we were learning by hit and trial method, which was interesting as well as dangerous at the same time”. By 1990, Lenovo started to manufacture and market computers using its own brand name.\r\n\r\nLenovo finally became publicly traded after a 1994 Hong Kong listing that raised nearly US$30 million.\r\n\r\nLenovo was always praised for its good management, strong brand recognition, and growth potential. Lenovo has also strong Lenovo Customer Service team which efficiently fixes and provide solution their User’s technical issues and other problems respectively.\r\n\r\nFor Dell Customer Support visit http://supportnumbers.net/dell-support/